Course Description

This is Lifetime Access to the 2017 Hands and Hearts Virtual Harp Retreat, which runs September 11 through 15th, 2017. 

Each day, after the live webinar has aired, the video for that day's presenter will be added to the course.  

Anne Crosby Gaudet - September 11

Martha Gallagher - September 12

Sharon Thormahlen - September 13

Amy Camie - September 14

Kate Kunkel - September 15

You also have access to special bonus materials, including Left Hand accompaniment patterns, some ideas for right hand interest and rhythm exercises that can help inspire new music.

Play the videos as often as  you like and enjoy the challenges in the exercises. 

And most important - HAVE FUN with your muse!


Kate Kunkel

Whether you are an absolute beginner or have 20 years of harping to your credit, there is always something to learn about our beautful instrument.In the courses offered here, I aim to help you nurture your muse, imrove your skills and gain the confidence that will make playing harp as rewarding and joyful for you as it is for me. As I develop more material, or find more information that can help you, I will add to these courses, which I hope you will use as an ongoing resource in the lifelong journey that is harping!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Lifetime Access to the 2017 Hands and Hearts Virtual Harp Retreat

    • Your Instructors in this year's retreat

  • 2

    Anne Crosby Gaudet

    • Anne Crosby Gaudet gets us working in Modes!

  • 3

    Martha Gallagher

    • Martha Gallagher - Small Harps are Inspiring!

  • 4

    Sharon Thormahlen

    • Sharon Thormahlen - Inspiration is Everywhere!

  • 5

    Amy Camie

    • Amy Camie presentation

  • 6

    Kate Kunkel

    • Peace_of_Mind September 2017

    • Kate Kunkel

    • Healing Code of Tones. LetterPitch Equivalents

  • 7

    Lesson One Bonus - Left Hand Accompaniment

    • Bonus Lesson 1 Left Hand

    • Tips for Using the Accompaniment Patterns

    • Accompaniment_patterns C and A m

    • Accompaniment Patterns G and Em

  • 8

    Lesson Two Bonus - Right Hand Fun

    • Bonus Lesson 2 Right Hand

    • Tips for Right Hand Fun

    • Right Hand Fun

  • 9

    Lesson Three Bonus - Rhythm

    • Bonus Lesson 3 Rhythm